The most intimidating area to shave with a single edge razor is under the nose. While it will take practice to achieve a close OneBlade shave in this area, the good news is it’s easier than you think! Below we’ve outlined the design features of your razor, and tips and tricks that will help you achieve the results you want in no time.

Shave Under Your Nose with Horizontal Strokes

The back of the heads of our razors makes it difficult to achieve a close shave under the nose with a vertical stroke. Rotating your razor so the handle is parallel to the ground, and using horizontal strokes (pictured below) will make this process infinitely easier.

Horizontal strokes under the nose


Trust your OneBlade to Safely Shave Under Your Nose

Trust the corner guards on the razor's lower register. Looking closely at the lower register of your razor you will see two ledges on the left and right sides (circled in the picture below). These guards make it possible to place the edge of the razor head slightly inside your nostrils without nicking or cutting yourself.

Lower register corner guards


Remember: the entire razor head doesn’t need to be in contact with your skin for a close shave.

With any part of your face that is small, or contoured, remember you only need a small section of the razor head to be in contact with your skin for the blade to cut your facial hair. The precision of the single edge and the flexibility of the pivoting head builds into each razor a level of forgiveness. Meaning, you can experiment with the angle, hand position, and pressure used with each stroke until you find what works best for you.


Use short, mindful strokes with minimal pressure.

Part of your practice will be using short, mindful strokes with minimal pressure. With each stroke, focus on one contour at a time. Relax your face muscles (stretching your skin increases the chance of nicks and cuts), and take your time. With time and practice, shaving under your nose will become second nature.


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