Nearly a decade ago, in a small barbershop in Rimini, Italy, OneBlade's founder, Porter Stansberry, experienced the perfect shave. Enamored with the results, he was disappointed with the cheapened experience of shaving at home. Rather than resign himself to mornings of mediocrity, Porter enlisted Tod Barrett and a renowned design team to build him a razor that would bring the barbershop shave home.Spending years building and testing prototypes, sometimes at the expense of their own faces, our design team worked to build the world's finest razor.

Valuing performance above all else, OneBlade was designed without compromise. And in 2015, the team presented Porter with what he'd spent years searching for: the luxury of his Italian barbershop shave, in the palm of his hand.


Told at every turn to ignore cost and focus on creating the best razor possible, our team embarked on a tireless mission to capture the unparalleled barbershop feeling in our own homes, every day. This dedication led to a razor built to outlast and outperform all others, and look great doing it.


Over 1,000 prototypes and a million dollars later the OneBlade razor was born. After years of working and reworking designs, testing materials, and sacrificing a little skin during testing, our designers hung their hats knowing they had created the perfect razor.


For more than a year, we worked tirelessly to design the best blade for our OneBlade razor, but to no avail. So we turned to Feather, the masters of blade-making for nearly 100 years, where we found the Feather's FHS-10 Blade. The Japanese carbon steel blade offers unparalleled performance when matched with a OneBlade razor.


Unlike any other razor on the planet, OneBlade features a patented Active Floating Blade System. This innovative design allows the razor to adapt to the extreme differences in skin topography and skin types. The result is unparalleled comfort and effectiveness.


When we set out on this journey, our goal was to make every morning shave an experience. With so many men rushing and suffering through their morning shave we wanted to share the highlight of our mornings with all of you. So if you are ready, we invite you to discover the experience, the craft, the luxury, that is a OneBlade shave.

Thanks for joining us.