Shaver being lifted by a hand

Take the barbershop experience into your own hands

When we say we started from the ground up to create an entirely new single-edge razor for the man who cares about his shave, we’re just giving you a euphemism. We actually started in the chairs of the finest barbers from Rimini to Madison Avenue.

Man shaving with foam and brush

Shaving should not be cheap

A ritual performed every day between you and a sharp blade? We don’t see that as a throwaway. That’s the preparation to start the day strong, and your investment in better skin. Your best face forward, if you will. We see that as sacred.

We embarked on a tireless mission to capture that unparalleled barbershop feeling and translate their decades of expertise into a safe, attainable, and just-as-special morning luxury. Every day. In our own homes. We didn’t just give it our all—a handful of our team members gave it their face.

For more than a year, we worked with the best design and engineering teams we could find to create the first single-edge shaving system focused on optimal head design, pivot, and blades for a barbershop-quality wet shave you can easily master at home.

Office space with shaver designs and mockups


When we set out to forge a new way of shaving, there had been a lot of welcome disruption to the industry—behemoths were being given a run for their money. But that was it, it was just about the money. Sure, it’s a great convenience to have a handful of cheap cartridges shipped your way if that’s your jam. But let us bring you back to that barbershop fantasy. If that’s what you’re after, then you’re with us

Change the way men feel about shaving

Plenty of guys feel fine about their shave. A select few want more. For the most extraordinary, unprecedented shaving experience, there’s a new way to do it—OneBlade will become the one way to shave, the one way to approach the day.

Thanks for joining us..