Since launching in 2015, we've heard curious, funny, and entertaining habits and facts about shaving. Here are our 7 favorites:

Blade Shaving Fact #1

It is a requirement in most militaries that soldiers must be cleanly shaven. Why? The most important reason is for self-defense. It prevents enemy soldiers from grabbing them by the beard during a battle. Also, a beard gets in the way of wearing an oxygen or gas mask properly.

Blade Shaving Fact #2

Fact or Urban Legend? You might have heard that shaving causes your hair to grow back thicker. This is 100% a MYTH. A hair strand has 2 sections, dead and living, and shaving eliminates the dead portion. The myth exists because of the natural tapered end of facial hair.

Blade Shaving Fact #3

A man’s face has 10,000- 15,000 hair follicles! The Staples Center in Los Angeles, home the LA Lakers, has 19,000 seats. That number is mind-boggling!

Fact #4

The term “clean shaven” became an official word in 1860. The definition is quite clear: (of a man) having no beard or mustache on his face.

Blade Shaving Fact #5

Don't store your razor in the shower. Leaving your razor in the shower day after day exposes your blade to bacteria in the damp environment. Make an effort to store your razor in a clean and dry place. Your skin will thank you!

Blade Shaving Fact #6

Men have been shaving for 5000 years. Before steel blades, raw materials like flint, clam shells, and shark teeth were used to get that close shave.


Blade Shaving Fact #7

The very first razors were found in Egyptian tombs and were made from copper and solid gold. It was a custom in ancient Egypt for men and women to shave their heads and facial hair.

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