Obsessively Precise

Engineering the greatest razor requires borderline-insane attention to detail. From the pivot to the springs to the German stainless steel, we left no room for compromise or fault. (Even the weight kept us up at night.) OneBlade® is the kind of rare perfection that grabs you the instant you pick it up.

The Blade

Made of hardened stainless steel and coated in platinum, our Japanese Feather blades are scary sharp yet super comfortable. After all, an uncompromised shave calls for the closest shave possible. And since there’s no corner-cutting, OneBlade® also calls for a new blade every day you use it.


Each OneBlade® is individually numbered and guaranteed for life. (And each life thereafter. Perhaps a son, grandson, or lucky relative in 2090.) We believe we’ve created the world’s best-made shaving instrument, so it’s under warranty forever. Which means you’re happy forever, or we’ll fix it.


With a razor like OneBlade®, you get more than just an unrivaled shave. It’s about mastering a process. A daily tradition to reflect, clear out the cobwebs, and prepare for what’s out there. There’s no substitute for the perfect tool. And this is the perfect razor for shaving.