We Sit Down With Mark from Sharpologist

We Sit Down With Mark from Sharpologist

Mark, AKA Mantic59, and the man behind Sharpologist, is helping men around the globe with everything your father didn’t teach you about shaving.

Mark has been a key consultant with OneBlade since day 1, and we’re proud to now have him a OneBlade ambassador. Mark’s knowledge and expertise is incredibly valuable for anyone and everyone that shaves! Be sure to follow him at @Manic59.

Today, we sit down with a Q&A to get to know Mark a bit more and hear what motivates him to be the best version of himself every day.

Lastly, Mark’s rounded up a OneBlade deal exclusive to his readers, check it out here.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I'm admittedly a "shave nerd"-- I'm interested in all things shaving but especially the "old school" shave experience with lathering shave cream/soap, shaving brush, and single blade razor.  However, I'm not entirely grounded in older technology, which is why I appreciate the OneBlade razor; an old-school single blade but with modern pivot technology (one of the few recent razor design innovations I can get behind). Meanwhile, I live in Texas with my wife, 72 razors, 48 shave brushes, hundreds of shave creams, soap, and four cats.

What fuels your fire?

I blame my wife.  :) She gifted me an old-school barber shave as a wedding anniversary gift years ago and the results were so dramatic (and she was so thrilled!) that I had to find out more.

How do you start your day? How does this impact the rest of your day?

Like most people, I try to start my day with a good breakfast.  I had some trouble with my blood sugar a few years ago so I learned the importance of eating reasonably well and exercising moderately.

What’s your morning routine?

Since I now do shaving advocacy as a full-time job, my day revolves around shaving!  I start the day by checking my sharpologist.com website for messages, comments, and analytics. Then, I'll browse the shaving-related websites and forums for trending topics (these days I don't often post on the shaving forums unless I can contribute something important but I do read them). Next, I get to my own shave; sometimes testing a product and sometimes just shaving with my personal favorites (like the OneBlade razor) just for the enjoyment of the process.

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Why is preparation important?

As with most things in life, the processes we all must face throughout the day can become easier, or at least more effective, with preparation.  Warm-up before exercises before working out helps avoid injury. Preparation before a shave helps avoid poor performance and irritation.

There are conversations and confusion about what it means to be a man in today’s world. What advice would you give to your 18-year-old self? Why?

Try to build self-confidence and "aspire to inspire before you expire."

How has OneBlade changed your experience with shaving? Why did you decide to partner with OneBlade?

When I first saw the OneBlade I was skeptical, I thought it was just another "gimmick" to try to distinguish another new razor brand in a sea awash with competing razors.  Then, I tried it and fell in love with the effortless close shave it gave me without having to focus so much on a shave technique like most other single blade razors. I could more fully enjoy my shave experience as a whole.


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