The gift of presence: A note from Tod

The gift of presence: A note from Tod

OneBlade Community - 

It is near the end of our third full year since we started selling our OneBlade Razors and as I reflect on the last few years of working to build our business, it became clear that I had some ‘thanking’ to do. First, no matter how trite it may sound, we are super grateful for the support that we have received from each of our customers - for us, a sale is way more than an exchange of money for a product.

We are confident in our commitment to deliver the best possible shaving experience via our products and our service and so when you chose OneBlade, you chose us, and we take that commitment very seriously. Our goal is to delight you at every touchpoint, and I know we’re far from perfect. There have been many ups and down, and our hope is to learn from each mistake and improve.  Thank you for providing real, honest feedback and for helping us become better. We have some great things in store for 2019, and we’re grateful to have you along for the ride.

As a consumer, it is often difficult to know just who you are dealing with when it comes to the companies that we buy products from. Even though you didn’t meet us on a crowdfunding site, I can assure you, we are far from being a subsidiary of some behemoth consumer packaged goods company like P&G or Unilever. There are three of us here at OneBlade - there is Dominic, our Customer Success Manager, Jenn, our VP of Marketing and myself. I would be remiss to leave out our key partners who have truly helped shape OneBlade in many amazing ways from graphic design, development, fulfillment and photography. I want to sincerely thank you for our best year yet.

As we move into the holiday season, we’re going to live by a core value and celebrate presence. The definition of presence is intentional time with yourself and with people you love.   We believe in creating experiences and making memories, living in the moment, setting aside distractions and busyness and in more quality time, with a lot less scrolling. This is what OneBlade is all about. This Christmas, from December 22 through January 1st, we're shutting down to take time to be fully present, rest and reset. To each one of you, thank you for being a part of this community. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and that you're able to be present in every moment that matters to you. We'll be back January 2nd, ready and refreshed to better serve you. We can't wait for all we have planned in 2019.

Thank you,


…...One more thing. As a small way of saying thanks, for your support of our team, our products, and the OneBlade community, I’d like to match gift card purchases dollar for dollar, up to $250. Through December 25th, when you purchase a digital Gift Card from OneBlade, we will match the dollar amount up to $250. To clarify, if you purchase a $25 gift card, I’ll give you an additional $25 gift card, at no cost. Same goes for any increment from $25 up to $250.

While we hope your shopping is out of the way at this point, gift cards are perfect if you happen to need a last minute gift, are trying to purchase for a picky shopper, or simply prefer the recipient to select something that they would enjoy. Of course, this makes it easier to purchase blades and products from us for yourself, too. Or maybe even get that upgrade you’ve been eyeing.

Gift Cards purchased between 12/20-12/25 are limited to 1 transaction per customer and can be used on future orders. Please note gift cards may not be used for subscriptions or applied to past purchases. When you select the gift card amount you’d like to buy, choose a quantity of 2. At checkout, the discount will be applied automatically, as long as you have 2 gift cards of equal value in your cart.