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How to Shave with OneBlade

A Guide to Shaving with

your OneBlade® Razor

loading your oneblade razor

Push the blade into the back of the razor, never touching the sharp edge. Hint: the dull edge is always the first edge you see when unwrapping a Feather FHS blade.

The glue residue from the wrapper will not affect blade loading or performance, so no need to try to wash it off.

Prep & Pre-shave

A perfect shave requires some preparation. Limit irritation and enjoy your shaving experience with these pre-shave steps.

Multi-Pass shaving

A single blade razor requires two or three passes to get a perfectly smooth shave. Learn how to get the most out of each pass for a comfortable and clean shave.

Angle & Pressure

OneBlade's patented Active Floating Blade System (AFBS) is the kind of ingenuity single edge razors needed. Our new design does require a new technique, but with a few shaves under your belt, you'll have it mastered in no time.

Post shave and Skin Care

Finish up your shave with a quick care routine to nourish and protect your skin.