OneBlade CORE Black Tie Shave Kit

CORE Black Tie Shave Kit

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If you’re tired of razor burn and ingrown hairs and want to simplify your morning, you’re ready to discover single-blade wet shaving with CORE. The new CORE razor follows the same design profile as our award-winning, all stainless-steel and hand-assembled GENESIS razor, but has been re-engineered with the polymer Tritan, making this our most affordable razor model. 

  • Get the OneBlade CORE razor along with a complete premium shave kit in our limited Black Tie Edition, including a premium custom designed tuxedo synthetic shave brush, along with a 2-month supply of blades (30 blades), moisturizing shave cream (150ml), and alcohol-free aftershave balm (90ml).

    1. CORE Razor built with engineer-grade Tritan polymer with solid stainless steel "core" insert for added ergonomic weight
    2. Optimal fixed head geometry
    3. Pivoting head with stainless steel spring
    4. Quick-load blade system
    5. Anodized aluminum razor display stand
    6. Complete end-to-end shave system for better shaves and better skin

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