The Cost of Shaving: Does OneBlade Make the Cut?

The Cost of Shaving: Does OneBlade Make the Cut?

Let’s have an honest conversation about the cost of shaving. 

To begin, let’s establish our baseline.

Every shaving company, and customer, will agree that when you notice any tugging, pulling, nicking, or rust you need to change your blade. Please note, when I write blade, I’m referring to all blades, from cartridges to straight edge.

Even though other shaving companies claim their blades typically last between 8 to 10 shaves, most men see noticeable differences in the feel, closeness, and comfort of their shaves after 3 to 4 shaves. Sound familiar?

So, let’s say you typically shave every other day, meaning you use one cartridge/straight edge per week.

How much would it cost to use some of the most popular razors on today’s market?

  • If you’re using the Gillette Fusion 5 razor, and purchase your cartridges on Amazon, you’re spending $3.62 each week, $188.24 each year.
  • If you’re using Harry’s and purchase cartridges through one of their shaving plans, you’re spending $2 each week, $104 every year.
  • If you’re using Dollar Shave Club and use their Executive cartridges, you’re spending $2.50 each week, $130 every year.
  • If you’re using Dollar Shave Club and use their 4X cartridge, you’re spending $1.75 each week, $91 every year.

Now, consider this:

  • If you’re using OneBlade and subscribe to our shaving plan (which automatically ships new blades when you need them), you’re spending $0.73 each week, $37.96 each year

Annual Cost Comparison

Yes, you can purchase and subscribe to similar, even cheaper products with one of our safety-razor competitors, but here’s the OneBlade difference:

  • OneBlade razors were obsessively engineered. Our goal was to create a safety razor that was more forgiving, user friendly, and had a shorter learning curve than what was on the market. One year and 1,001 prototypes later, that’s exactly what we did. 
  • Our patented pivoting head design decreases the means that OneBlade razors act in a similar way to cartridge razors, reducing the safety razor learning curve.
  • Guaranteed for LIVES. Yes, lives. Not only your life, but your child’s and grandchild’s lives. It’s an investment worth making.
  • We make sustainability easy. With every pack of blades we send to you we include a razor safety disposal container. This container is 100% steel, meaning when it’s full, simply place it in your recycle bin. That’s it.

So, when deciding which company you want to supply your shaving routine needs with, which company will you choose?

To simply your routine and save more, subscribe to OneBlade.