OneBlade Single Blade Safety Razor Vs. Multi-Blade Razors

What's in Your Shaving Arsenal - Single Blade Razors or Multi-Blade?

Consider your morning shave routine. Do you find yourself wielding a multi-blade cartridge razor or embracing the finesse of a single-blade razor? Have you been content with your current regimen, or have the signs of shaving discomfort and skin irritation crept in, marring your daily grooming ritual?

In the realm of grooming, many men tend to underestimate the impact of their choice of shaving tool. But here's the revelation: the razor you choose wields the power to transform your skin health and overall shaving experience.

Realities of Shaving: Our Take on Single Blade Razors Vs. Multi Blade

At OneBlade, we firmly believe that your morning shave should be a moment of anticipation, not an ordeal marked by nicks, cuts, and ingrown hairs. We're committed to altering the narrative of your grooming routine, asserting that shaving should be a source of rejuvenation, not frustration.

In a market teeming with options, ranging from electric razors to multi-blade and single-blade alternatives, OneBlade stands firm on the side of science and skin healthAfter thousands of hours of R&D and prototype testing, we verified that a single blade shave is key to achieving the perfect shave without razor burn, bumps, or irritation.

The Great Debate: Single Blade Razors Vs Multi Blade Razors

Are multi-blade razors truly the superior choice? Let's journey into history and revelation to uncover the truth. 

The Multi-Blade Mirage: Beneath The Surface

With multi-blade razors, the first blade tugs at the hair while every subsequent blade cuts the tugged hair and removes more layers of skin. While cutting the hair below the surface of the skin results in what feels like an extremely close shave, this is actually what causes razor burns, shaving bumps, and other irritation (see the diagram below).

Graphic of hair follicles under skin


Multiple blades tugging, pulling, and cutting hair below the skin's surface is a mechanism that triggers concern. While a multi-blade razor might offer the appearance of an impeccably close shave, it's often accompanied by an array of uncomfortable consequences:

  • Razor burn
  • Skin irritation
  • Nicks
  • Ingrown hairs

The irony lies in the fact that while these razors are marketed for a smoother finish, they can lead to an aftermath of discomfort. For those grappling with these issues, dermatologists advocate for the wisdom of a single blade safety razor.

The Multi-Blade Razor's Creation and Skin Health Oversight 

Back in 1901, King Camp Gillette patented the first safety razor, initiating a revolution in grooming. The evolution continued as additional blades were introduced, ostensibly to deliver a closer shave by engaging multiple hairs simultaneously. The promise of a multiplied shave, however, raises questions about the intention behind this innovation.

The inception of the multi-blade cartridge razor, despite its apparent shortcomings for skin health, can be traced back to a calculated marketing maneuver rather than a genuine concern for the well-being of your skin. The story behind this innovation harks back to the vibrant Fifth Avenue and the creative minds that sought to redefine the shaving landscape, surely led by the likes of fictional genius of advertising, Don Draper and his friends.

The intention was not to revolutionize the shaving experience but rather to distinguish one razor from its competitors in a saturated market. The goal was simple: capture attention, stir desire, and ultimately boost sales. In this quest for differentiation, the notion of adding more blades was a bold move - a feature that could be showcased to imply enhanced performance and an unbeatable shave, but may not be in the best interest of the people using them.

The Art of Shaving with Single Blade Razors

Single blade razors, exemplified by our meticulously crafted OneBlade, operate on the principle of shaving on the surface of the skin rather than beneath it. The secret to a successful single blade shave lies in the technique. Multiple passes with the correct angles can work wonders, yielding an incredibly close shave that remains blissfully devoid of the typical discomforts that plague many post-shave experiences.

Single Blade Graphic of Hair Follicles

Hailing the Revolution of Single Blade Razors

Before the 1970s, single blade razors held the crown as the go-to choice for a smooth shave. The endorsement from shave enthusiasts reverberates to this day, with the ability of a single blade to glide cleanly through hair, minimizing the risks of ingrown hairs and skin irritation. The secret? The absence of additional blades tugging, pulling, and cutting beneath the skin's surface.

Mastering the Single Blade Technique

Navigating the realm of single blade razors can feel like an intricate dance, especially considering the diversity of hair types and skin sensitivities. Yet, this learning curve can be surmounted. OneBlade, with its patented adjustable system, offers an avenue for both novices and seasoned shavers to achieve an impeccable shave. With practice, you can harness the angles, pressure, and speed that suit your unique hair profile.

Making the Right Choice: Single Blade Razors Vs. Multi Blade Cartridges 

If you find yourself disenchanted with your current shaving routine or wrestling with skin discomfort, the time is ripe to explore the switch to a pivoting safety single blade razor. Embrace a grooming tool that guarantees enhanced outcomes: a closer shave, reduced ingrown hairs, diminished skin irritation, and substantial savings in the long run.

The journey to a transformed shaving experience is within reach. OneBlade's commitment to science and precision ensures that you can relish your morning shave, fostering a sense of rejuvenation rather than resentment. It's a revolution for your grooming routine, offering not just a razor, but a gateway to unparalleled skin health and confidence.

Experience the Difference: Try OneBlade Today Curious to embark on a grooming transformation? Try OneBlade risk-free and discover firsthand the impact of precision engineering on your daily ritual. Over 100,000 men have already made the shift, experiencing the last razor they'll ever need to purchase.

In a world of choices, the final decision is yours. Whether you choose a cartridge razor or opt for OneBlade's innovative approach, the journey to an elevated shaving experience is now yours to define.