we finally did it.

It turns out, more blades ARE in fact better.

The More than Oneblade

The finest razor on the planet—only now it's Multi-Blade.

We found a way to fit not one... not two... but THREE Feather FHS-10 blades into our state-of the-art razor.

Imagine how much faster you'll shave, and how many more blades you'll buy from us!

Can you believe it's April already?

Here's your reminder... Gotcha!

For the record, we have no intention of designing a razor with more than a single blade. Ever.

We spent over $1 million in research, development and design. More than 1000 prototypes later we finally landed on the OneBlade Genesis razor you know and love today.

If we learned anything from that process, it was that MORE blades are NOT better.

Find out why:

The Problem with Multiblade Cartridge Razors 9x16.mp4

More blades = more problems

We’re here to set the record straight. Not only are multi-blade razors terrible for the environment, they’re also terrible for your skin.

Multi-blade razors are basically built to be replaced. Companies design them with cheap materials that quickly deteriorate so you have to buy more.

And as far as functionality goes, they viciously cut hair below the skin—causing ingrown hairs, razor burn, and irritation.

Let's not forget about the impact on the environment—2 billion razor blades end up in landfills yearly thanks to society's addiction to single-use plastic. The sad reality is that plastic and metal are unable to be easily separated, and therefore can’t be recycled.

If you take nothing else from the above, just remember that more blades = more problems.

And thus OneBlade was born. We were sick of cheaply made, poorly performing disposable razors, so we built OneBlade. 1000 prototypes later, we've invented the world's best razor.

No unnecessary blades. No wasteful, expensive cartridges. Engineered to last a lifetime, guaranteed to eliminate nicks, bumps, and irritation from shaving.

Core Razor


Our most forgiving razor, the perfect introduction to shaving with OneBlade®. Made with high-grade Tritan® polymer + steel beam for weight & balance. Available in Black or White.

Get the Core Razor

Hybrid Razor


Precision meets affordability... it's the best of both with the Hybrid! The steel head of the Genesis is paired with the high-grade polymer handle of the Core, delivering durability, ergonomic comfort, all for a middle-of-the-road pricepoint.

Get the Hybrid Razor

Genesis Razor

From $350.00

The Rolex of Razors, a handcrafted stainless steel masterpiece with maximum shave closeness. Available in Silver, Black, Gunmetal, 24 Karat Gold, or 18K Rose Gold.

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We searched far and wide to find you the world's best razor blades. We even studied them under an electron microscope to find the sharpest one with the fewest striations, to give you the smoothest shave of your life.

Thousands of Prototypes. One Perfect Angle.

Unless your razor has a 31.4° angle of attack, you will have shaving irritation for the rest of your life. We rigorously tested every geometric variable down to the micron to ensure that OneBlade always hits your skin at the perfect angle and will not cut you.

The Relentless Pursuit of The Perfect Shave

12,480 man hours. 1,010 prototypes. 2 years of research & development. Over $1,000,000. Zero Compromises. Zero Assumptions. That's what it takes to create the perfect shave. And that's what we went through to bring it to men like you; the men who never settle for less than the best.


They say the best design lies in what you don’t see. From precise pivots and angles, and the perfect proportions of blade positioning, give, and exposure; the ergonomics of your razor come together to create a supremely easy-to-master, ultra-smooth shave you’ll realize you actually enjoy.

A Jaw-Dropping Work of Art

It's about time you upgraded to a razor that echoes your potential. Your new OneBlade razor is a modern, minimalist masterpiece, thoughtfully designed to make a statement on your bathroom counter.


- Renowned Shaving Expert Brian Mulreany, Executive Shaving CEO

Save the planet one blade at a time

2 Billion razors and their blade cartridges end up in landfills every year in the U.S. alone. Our Platinum-Coated Japanese Steel Blades are 100% recyclable and cut through hair like a knife through butter, without damaging your skin.

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