Time To Level Up

Upgrade your shave to a razor that delivers unparalleled closeness with the same easy handling and healthy skin benefits you know and love.

How Does It Work?

When you're ready to level up your shave, upgrading is simple: we'll discount your new razor with a credit for your current razor, and you can keep the one you have already grown so fond of.

Why Upgrade?

While each of the OneBlade razors offers unparalleled performance in its own class, each razor, from the CORE to the GENESIS is a step up in performance and luxury. The shave you already love only gets better with an upgrade.

Upgrade Options

Own a Core?

Upgrade to a HYBRID or GENESIS today and we'll give you a credit for your CORE.


Upgrade to a GENESIS today and we'll give you a credit for your HYBRID.

Ready To Upgrade?

Time to take your shave to the next level! Log into your account to check your eligibility.

The Fine Print

Refill Customers

Refill prices will be honored for existing refill customers. Not a refill customer? Become one with your upgrade!


Check your availability to get your credit! All credits are applied as a discount at checkout.


Upgrade offers cannot be combined with rewards or other discounts and offers.

Genesis to Genesis

Upgrade credit offer is not available for Genesis to Limited Edition Genesis upgrades.

Not sure which razor is right for you?

Compare each razor 's materials and features, as well as the optimal one for your beard type, density and skin sensitivity.

Still Not Sure?

Speak with a Shaving Expert! Schedule a call to discover what makes each razor unique, learn proper shaving technique, or just talk shop

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If you don’t like our razor, send it back for a full refund.

Guaranteed to eliminate cuts, nicks, and irritation

Your face will thank you for it.

Free US shipping on orders $35+

Free standard shipping on all domestic orders over $35.

Forever Warranty

All of our razors are guaranteed for life. And your son's life, and his after that.