The Science behind OneBlade

Data driven design. Expectation defying results.

Why OneBlade?


The Active Floating Blade Approach System to adjust to the micro differences in skin texture and topography.

Optimal Weight and Angles

Carefully weighted razors with perfect blade exposure ensure optimal force and angle to cut hair at the level of your skin with zero irritation.

Pivoting Head

A pivoting razor head adapting to the curvature of you.

Old Wisdom Reimagined

We won't pretend that we are the first razor company to utilize a single blade for shaving and a pivoting razor head is not exactly a novel idea, but OneBlade's unique combination of the two, along with our patented razor design, leads to a true revolution in shaving technology and skin health.

The OneBlade® Difference

The key components to the OneBlade line of razors

Active Floating Blade Approach System

Even the smoothest appearing skin, under magnification, is extremely bumpy and irregular. Most razors utilize blades at an angle that leads to the scraping of blades across your skin's topography, leading to the irritation and redness commonly associated with shaving. With our razors utilizing a blade nearly twice as thick as most others, we knew we needed to mitigate this issue. By allowing for a minuscule amount of 3-dimensional "play" in the blade, we were able to accomplish an increased level of forgiveness without sacrificing performance. With our Active Floating Blade Approach System, the blade floats effortlessly, making micro-adjustments your skin's unique texture and removes hair while leaving your skin unharmed.

Perfect angles & Unique surfaces

The angle of the blade determines whether or not you are cutting the hair off your face or scraping it off. We opted not to leave this to chance and spent months testing just how much surface area was appropriate and the ratio of height and width that would allow the user to ensure razor head was properly oriented on their face without relying on pain as the indicator.

This meant that we needed the flat surfaces above and below the blade aperture to be just the right size and proportioned and oriented in just the right way. This also meant that the two surfaces needed to be almost on the same plane, but not exactly. In order to create just the right amount of friction and suction during shaving we had to be careful not to have too much surface area in contact with the skin to avoid a ‘stick slip’ experience wherein the razor head would tend to suction onto the soapy wet skin during the shaving process. So while the angle of any razor plays a big role in performance and comfort, OneBlade has removed almost all of the guess work.

-Pivoting head-

Adapting to the curvature of you:

While our floating blade technology adapts to surface level changes on your skin, it is only designed to move so much, and unless you are a 2-dimensional cartoon your face has some curves. Our pivoting head is positioned perfectly to allow for the freedom of movement that your face deserves. A precisely tuned stainless steel spring with a special wear-resistant Teflon coating gives you just the right amount of play when needed with the feedback of a fixed head razor.

-The best blades-

A perfect, mirror polished edge

Feather FHS-10

Everything starts with the raw material. The Hitachi-made high carbon stainless steel starts with the finest and most consistent carbon grain of any raw material available. With the very best steel available, Feather, using proprietary processes, grinds, hones, and strops the sharpest and smoothest edge in the marketplace. As the worldwide leader in blade manufacturing for the medical industry, there is no competitor that can meet their rigorous performance standards.

OneBlade, sharing Feather's dedication for excellence and performance, recognized the perfection that is the Feather FHS-10 blade and build our razors to work in concert with the finest cutting edge available.

-The sum of its parts-

Whether you reach for a OneBlade Core, Hybrid, or Genesis razor for your morning shave, you can be certain you're reaching for the best. Although each component of a OneBlade razor is extraordinary in its own ways, combine them and you'll find a shaving tool like no other. So take a step onto the side of excellence and elevate your morning routine to the level you truly deserve.