A single blade razor requires two or three passes to get a perfectly smooth shave. Learn how to get the most out of each pass for a comfortable and clean shave.


We recommend using a shave brush and traditional shaving cream or soap to get the most out of your shave. While the gels and foams can work, they're full of ingredients that can be harmful to your skin.

To create the perfect lather, start by soaking your brush in warm water for at least 30 seconds. Shake off the excess water, then load your brush with soap or cream. Next, work the brush into the palm of your hand, a small bowl, or mug to create a thick and rich lather. Lastly, apply it to your face, covering the area to be shaved so that no skin is showing. Don't rinse your brush just yet, you'll be using the lather a few times during your shave.


For your first pass, you'll want to use long strokes, shaving with the grain. Be sure to utilize the design of your OneBlade ® razor by maintaining the right angle and mild pressure.

Your first pass should be a quick endeavor, no longer than a minute. The first pass should feel as if you're merely wiping away the lather from your skin. Be careful not to try to bring your whiskers down to bare skin in your first pass, doing so requires a harsh angle and a lot of pressure, which can lead to irritation and injury.


For your second pass, you'll want to use short, slightly overlapping strokes, shaving with the grain. Again, be sure to maintain consistent pressure on the upper register of the razor head.

Your second pass is where the real work is done. Your short and deliberate passes trim your hair down to parallel with your skin leaving you with one hell of a fine shave.


For your third pass you'll want to use the same short and deliberate strokes as your second pass, but you'll want to shave either against or across the grain (perpendicular to the direction of growth).

Your third pass is where you'll achieve the ever coveted baby smooth skin, and with OneBlade® your can do it irritation free.

If you find that shaving against the grain is too uncomfortable, try shaving across the grain to achieve an incredibly close and smooth shave.


These areas present different challenges when shaving, but you'll find a great shave comes easy with OneBlade®


Shaving your mustache with OneBlade is quick, easy, and safe. Start with your first pass with the grain. You may find the razor's head cannot reach the tight spots right under your nose, which is expected. With your second pass, turn your razor 90 degrees and shave toward the cleft of your upper lip, from the outside of your lip to the inside.

Your OneBlade ® razor is designed with blade guards on the corners of the blades to protect your skin while shaving in areas like this. If the corner of the razor sits at the entrance of your nostril or contacts the inside of your nose while shaving your mustache the blade guards will keep you from cutting yourself.


Shaving your neck follows the same multi-pass shaving pattern above, but it can be a little tricky with the multiple directions of hair growth. While the various growth directions may make the task seem daunting, it's as simple as following the three pass shave technique above paying very careful attention to the growth direction of your hair.