FHS-10 Feather Blades

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Upgrade Your Shaving Routine with FHS-10 Feather Blades

OneBlade razors were meticulously crafted exclusively to complement this blade, and no other blade on the market will function in a OneBlade Razor

Expertly forged in Japan, our FHS-10 Feather Blades embody the epitome of precision. Crafted from single-edge, hi-stainless carbon steel, and enriched with a platinum & PTFE coating, these blades redefine the art of shaving.

With an astonishing 0.23mm thickness – twice that of the average DE blade – they effortlessly dance across your skin, seamlessly blending ultra-sharp efficiency with an unmatched level of comfort. This symphony of engineering prowess is achieved through Feather's proprietary edge finishing process, ensuring each stroke is a masterpiece of shaving perfection.

Feather Blade Key Features:

  • Exclusively for OneBlade Razors: These Feather Blades are designed with a single edge, allowing them to slot into your OneBlade razor for a flawless, perfect fit.
  • Premium Platinum Coating: Glide through your shave effortlessly with blades that maintain their sharpness.
  • Precision-Crafted Hi-Stainless Carbon Steel: Experience optimal performance and durability with single-edge construction.
  • Expert Edge Finishing Process: Feather's proprietary process ensures a perfect leading edge for a comfortably close shave.
  • Balanced Thickness: At 0.23mm, these blades harmonize sharpness and comfort seamlessly.
  • Single Edge

OneBlade Shave Club Quantity Guide

Tailor your order to match your shaving routine & earn rewards:

  • Weekly: 30 Blades / 6 months
  • 2-3 times a week: 60 Blades / 6 months
  • 5-7 times a week: 90 Blades / 6 months

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