Shaving Glossary

Some terminology is pretty straight forward, and some may need a bit more explanation. Here's the modern man's glossary of shaving terms you should be acquainted with so you can casually drop them into conversation and sound like you know a thing or two.


A very sharp razor blade or exposure that cuts hair much more efficiently.


A term used to describe a shaving brush’s resistance when it is pressed on a hard surface.


We wouldn't recommend comparing your face to one's bottom, however BBS is a common term the shaving community uses to mean "Baby Butt Smooth". That means the closest possible shave achievable with no stubble felt when rubbing the skin with or against the grain.


Bristle bloom refers to the way the bristles of a shaving brush fall when held upright.


The fibers of a shaving brush. They can be made from synthetic or natural hairs such as boar or badger.


The most badass shave of all, the literal taking of a knife like blade to the throat. Some say it is the ultimate display of trust, when one sits in the barber’s chair as their steady hand moves about your facial contours with this most dangerous of objects. A shave technique most popular with villains.


When you get into your 30s and have given up on the dream of maintaining any sort of hair on top, you concede to the cueball. This is when you focus your razor above the ears, and go for the bald look. Many women say it's sexy, and even more men believe it makes them look tougher.


Another essential acronym quite simply meaning a Damn Fine Shave. We all have them, when you have a post shave rinse and can’t help but admire the handy work of a DFS.


It’s as rough as it sounds, the practice of shaving with no lubrication whatsoever. The dry shave should never be attempted, unless as a punishment.


Facial hair’s natural direction of growth. This is an important factor to keep in mind when planning each shave pass.


The knot is the part of a shaving brush where the bristles are held together either using glue or other traditional methods. It is hidden inside the handle.


The result of thoroughly mixing soap and water, lather is essential in order to ensure lubrication when passing the razor over the skin.


The measurement of a shaving brush’s bristle length.


This is the movement of your razor on your face. Strokes should be short and quick.


Shaving with water instead of dry shaving. Rather than quickly shaving with no moisturizer, wet shaving allows for a more comfortable, close shaving experience. One might even say a morning ritual you’ll actually enjoy.