Shaving Tips for Black Men, Part II

Although men of all ethnicities can suffer from razor bumps as a result of shaving, studies show that Black men are disproportionately affected, with up to 60% getting razor bumps.

As you will know well, razor brands promote multi-blade razors as the only way to the closest shave—when in fact they are the only way to ensure you get ingrowns! With a multi-blade cartridge razor, the first blade tugs the hair, and the subsequent blade cuts the hair beneath the skin’s surface. When the hair begins to regrow, it does so underneath the skin and men with curly facial hair are more likely for the hair to curl and become ingrown, causing razor bumps.

Luckily, there’s a simple and elegant solution to permanently eliminate ingrowns from shaving: use a single blade razor. By simply switching to a single blade razor, Black men are able to shave without the risk of developing razor bumps, as the single edge cuts the hair at the skin’s surface.

The best part? You can actually achieve as close, or even a closer shave, with a single edge razor. While big razor companies would love for you to think that only multi-blade razors achieve the closeness you’re craving, in face a single edge razor and the multi-pass technique ensure that you get the closest, most comfortable shave possible.

A close shave does not mean irritation.

Ready to make the switch? Time to find out which razor is right for you! Here’s a quick guide:

  • Wanting to try single blade shaving but a little bit worried about the switch? The Core is a great introduction to wet shaving. Plus you can get six month’s worth of blades (for free!) so you have plenty of time to get used to the technique
  • Really concerned about sensitive skin? In this case we’d recommend the Hybrid razor. It has the head of the Genesis but with slightly less blade exposure, meaning you get the easy handling of the Core.
  • Ready to dive in and make the switch permanent? Then go for the Genesis. It’s not only a jaw-dropping work of art, but it’s proven to give you the closest shave possible.

Whichever razor you choose, make the switch with confidence knowing that 96% of men who make the switch never look back!

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