OneBlade razor laying on a counter

Achieving the perfect shave isn’t rocket science - it’s shaving science.

After thousands of hours of R&D and prototype testing, we verified that a single blade shave is key to achieving the perfect shave without razor burn, bumps, or irritation.

With multi-blade razors, the first blade tugs at the hair while every subsequent blade cuts the tugged hair and removes more layers of skin. While cutting the hair below the surface of the skin results in what feels like an extremely close shave, this is actually what causes razor burns, bumps, and irritation (see the diagram below).

In contrast, single blade razors shave on the surface of your skin, not beneath it. When using a single blade correctly (multiple passes with the right angles), you'll achieve an extremely close shave without any of the razor burn, bumps, or irritation.

Why was the multi-blade cartridge created if it's poor for skin health? It was a marketing ploy crafted by Don Draper’s buddies on Fifth Avenue. Their goal was to differentiate one razor from the next, but they didn't have skin health in mind when creating the razor - just their pocketbooks.

Turns out Grandpa was right: a single blade is best.

OneBlade specifically engineered all of our razors to have a precise angle, pivot, and sharpness meaning each user can achieve close, skin-loving shaves, helping you put your best face forward each day.

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