OneBlade Shave Kit, including shaving cream, after shave balm, a shaving brush with stand, a blade disposal box, and a OneBlade razor, all sitting on a countertop.

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Growing up, maybe your father was like mine - he was obsessed with the details. He tracked his car mileage down to the tenth of a mile in a written ledger for his taxes. He stored every receipt and recorded every expense in his checkbook. He kept the lawn perfectly manicured. He tracked every loss - and occasional win - his beloved Pittsburgh Pirates suffered in the newspaper. He took care of his tools like they were his children. (Important note: He also took care of his children like they were his children).

The details mattered to him.

When we set out to build the world's best shaving instrument, we knew that the devil was going to be in the details - just like dad taught us. Cutting corners wasn't an option.

After over 1,000 prototypes we can confidently say that every detail of the OneBlade is designed to deliver the perfect shave, every time.

Here are four details you may not know that set it apart:


The weight kept us up at night. How is it going to feel in your hand? A good chunk of R&D focused on the actual experience, and we knew it’d be a no-go if it was too light to work or too heavy to enjoy. The German stainless steel gives it just the right amount of heft without weighing you down.


Our patented pivoting head is reinforced by a Teflon coated steel spring meant to last you 10,000 shaves or more - the opposite of disposable. The perfect spring force gets the job done right, for a lifetime.


We scoured the globe to find the blade that checked all the boxes on a long list of criteria, from material to edge finishing. Once we found the one, Feather FHS-10, the same one used by barbers and surgeons worldwide, we knew we could count on its durability, reliability, and comfort.

And while we think you’ll want to savor the experience, our quick-load blade system will get you off and shaving in a flash.


They say the best design lies in what you don’t see. From precise pivots and angles, and the perfect proportions of blade positioning, give, and exposure; the ergonomics of your razor come together to create a supremely easy-to-master, ultra-smooth shave you’ll realize you actually enjoy.

When it comes to the perfect shave, every detail matters - it's the north star that keeps us going. Thanks for showing us the way, dad.

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