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Best damn shave, ever. New world.

Matt T.

I love my new razor and tell everyone about it.


The razor itself shaves like a dream!

Paul R.

I celebrated my 84th birthday September 22!  My sagging jaws enjoy the smooth shave from OneBlade…thank you for all the work your team invested.

Bill on the hill

Wow…Well that was an exceptional experience. It’s been several hours since I shaved and I still can’t stop touching my face. My face is the smoothest it’s ever been!

Sean P.

I received the blades, thank you. I love my One Blade Razor.


I have had my OneBlade razor since October. I cannot stop using it. It’s extraordinary! I have used a lot of razors. Some quite amazing, but nothing like this. Completely irritation free while being completely efficient. Worth the price tag. An engineering marvel. Well done.


Received today # 239 and WOW what a presentation!!!!!! Very easy to load and shave. I’m going to use it several more times before I go all wild on my review but I think you guys have a winner here. Shave was great…hardly no learning curve…flexes if you want it to…easy to clean and what a showpiece for my collection. I can see this in my top tier and I’m sure it will be used a great deal.

Harvey Shapiro

I had my first shave this morning with my new Oneblade razor. I had given up on shaving with anything but an electric razor due to irritation, misery etc.  The shave exceeded my hopes and expectations. Great job designing a razor that does the job properly. The experience was everything you described. Thanks and best of luck with Oneblade.

Bart F.

Just a very quick note to tell you that my new OneBlade Razor arrived today. I was able to use it, and I wanted to pass on my first impression of the razor. What a great razor! It is designed beautifully from packaging to product…..not a flaw. And you are most correct in stating that it is the _best_ shave that I have ever received! I’ve tried ’em all, and this is the one, the Messiah of razors. Thanks for producing such a fine piece of shaving equipment. To do so takes lots of time, money and effort. It shows.

Bob W.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new razor and blades. The package arrived yesterday, and I had a 3-day growth in anticipation of its arrival. Your promotion of its qualities sets a high bar, and I wanted to be sure to test that. I started my shave, and was immediately amazed. In fact, I had to touch my face and check the razor – I thought I must have forgotten to put in the blade! This baby does not just cut whiskers – it spirits them away like magic. No pull, no bite, no drag, no nuthin.

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It was like re-shaving an already shaved face – not plowing through 3 days of heavy beard. And believe me, I know the struggle of a 3-day removal project using any of the 3/4/5 blade cartridge setups. Now what of the weight and balance of the razor itself? Its perfect. Well done team! I’ll admit – I cringed a bit when providing my credit card for a $299 razor. “What am I doing – this can’t be worth that much for 15 minutes in the morning.”, I sighed. But I can truthfully report – this will be the last razor I ever own, and frankly, I now believe I underpaid.
Nicholas Judge

Just read a bunch of great reviews for the razor in the Friday edition of the Stansberry Digest. I have been using my GREAT new razor for about 3 weeks – razor number OB-00429. I haven’t had an ingrown hair in two weeks, first time in at least 25 years I can say that. Well done. My only complaint, it is too nice to throw into my bag for travel. It belongs on its stand prominently displayed on the vanity…  Awesome product. Great job.


I wanted to thank you for the OneBlade recommendation – I’m nearly 50 years old and literally for decades, have been shaving with the latest 2 blade, 3 blade, 4 blade……. you get the picture.  And most recently, before I took the OneBlade leap, I signed up for the subscription shaving program.  I actually was on the shaving program for about 2 months before I decided to try OneBlade.

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I will say that razors are a better quality than the store bought, but there still is that whole 4-5 blade thing going on……… and I didn’t really feel the razor handle was, how do you say it……. comfortable in my hand. Since receiving my OneBlade kit, I’ve shaved with it nearly 10 times now – I waited until today to send you feedback, and I’m glad I did, as it seems that I am getting better with the OneBlade system.  I never really thought about this before, but shaving is a skill; a skill I didn’t develop using store bought razors.  Using the OneBlade system has sort of forced me to develop the skill of shaving without tearing up my face, and still getting a helluva smooth shave.  Every time I shave with the OneBlade, I seem to improve my skill with it and that’s wonderful.  I only need to shave every two or 3 days, I don’t/can’t grow a “full” beard, but my facial hair is some of the toughest, stubborn out there.  I gotta say I am simply in love with the OneBlade system; the handle is phenomenal, it just “fits” the hand and doesn’t slip around while shaving, and those blades……………. wow!  I’m feeling my face again to remind myself how smooth the skin on my face is from the shave this morning.  I’m convinced, and I’m cancelling my subscription and will NEVER again buy another store bought razor…… EVER!  Thanks!!
Kevin Durbin

When I first opened the packaging of my new OneBlade and actually started to look at the new tool I was about to use, I was even more impressed than when I had first unboxed it. They seem to have thought of everything: weight, balance, the brushed part of the handle which actually gives some grip when wet, and even the hollowed out part of the handle which allows my fingers to hold on to different areas of the handle as required when moving the razor into different positions.

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I then had a look at the Feather Blade itself. This single, sharp-as-hell blade was what I was going to insert into the tool and press against my face in order to shave off my scruffy whiskers. It looked rather intimidating. Just then I wondered to myself, “what the hell am I doing here?? I’ve never in my life shaved with this sort of razor using a blade as sharp as a Samurai Sword!” Having only ever used the drug store-bought disposable razors, this thing looked like it would just as soon slice my neck open as opposed to smoothly removing my beard. To calm my nerves, I did a dry run. I applied shaving cream as I normally would then shaved without the blade installed in order to get a feel for how the tool would act in my hand. Things went well, and even though some of the angles felt a bit odd at first, I quickly and intuitively found the most efficient grips to use in order to get the razor correctly positioned on my face. The real test came shortly thereafter. I installed the blade, which went in smoothly and correctly with a quick “snap” to let me know it was secure. Thus, I began what I feared would be a slice and dice of my entire face which, I imagined, would leave me bleeding from vital areas of my neck at worst, or horribly disfigured from the many cuts I was about to receive at best. Nothing could have been further from what came next, which was a close, smooth shave with almost no irritation. My beard grows fairly thick and coarse, but in order to really put my OneBlade through it’s paces, I decided to use it with different beard lengths. I’ve tried it at 2, 4, 5, 7, and 9 days growth. At 2, 4, and 5 days of growth, there are no issues and everything works smoothly and my whiskers come off cleanly. At 7 and 9 days the razor kept getting gummed up with whiskers and I had to remove the blade several times throughout my shave routine in order to get the same close shave. I don’t usually leave my beard that long, but I wanted to see what would happen. I was pleased with the test results, since everything worked well at what I would consider my typical beard length. When I first ordered my OneBlade I wasn’t sure what to expect. And my original trepidation of using the razor is now gone. What I receive now is the smoothest shave I have had since the last hot straight blade shave I had at my local barber shop. Those guys are pros. Two Italian cousins own the shop that I’ve been going to for almost 20 years. They know their stuff. And OB-00428 comes as close to that as I could possibly hope to get at home. The only question remaining isn’t from me, but one from my girlfriend: When will you design a OneBlade intended for women?
Stephen Borsy

I just received my OneBlade razor and performed my first shave.  Very smooth and very close!  A remarkable difference over my old 4 blade plastic razor.  I cannot get over how solid and heavy the razor is.  As Porter said in his Stansberry Newsletter writeup, this razor does feel like a precision tool.  It is nothing like the single blade razors that are on the market. Understanding that the feather blades are scary sharp, I started out being very tentative but soon learned that the razor design makes shaving safe and comfortable. 

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No pulling, and it was refreshing not to have a clogged (4 blade) razor while shaving. Leave it to Porter to go out and pursue something like this.  I think he has a winner with OneBlade!  I told my son about it already.

One week later…  

By the way, I now have a week’s experience with the new razor, and a lot more confidence shaving.  Without a doubt, I am getting the closest shaves I have ever experienced.  As a result, no Five o’clock shadow! Definitely recommend any new users follow the shaving directions.  It works.


Greg Jones

The wonderful OneBlade razor I recently got has this morning finally had its maiden voyage on my face.

Knowing you already know how great the OneBlade razor is, please bear with me. This was the most incredible shaving experience I have ever had. At first, I was honestly wondering if the razor was indeed cutting. I actually stopped after a couple of passes to confirm that the hair was being removed. It was…

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Having previously used Feather blades on my double-edged razor (which is now retired), I was a bit concerned as these blades even with the utmost care tend to nick my face. However, this was my first time shaving and not getting any cuts or nicks whatsoever. What an incredible piece of precision!

Thank you for turning my daily shave into a feeling of pure delight!

Henrik Bridger