Core Razor

895 reviews

The perfect intro to wet shaving. Featuring a minimal learning curve, the OneBlade Core Razor is proven to eliminate bumps, nicks, razor burn and irritation for every face and skin type. It’s the most intuitive single edge razor on the planet.

The razor head on the Core is made from the highest grade polymer on the market, which translates to an ultra-durable yet affordable option. The razor handle is made from Tritan™ copolyester molded around a stainless steel shaft to add balance and weight.

OneBlade's patented design, which includes the pivoting head featured on all our razors, maintains the optimal blade angle to the skin at all times. Unlike traditional safety razors, there is no need to manually maintain the 30° blade angle to your skin.. OneBlade does it for you!

What's in the box?

  • OneBlade Core Razor
  • 10x Feather FHS Single-Edge Hi-Stainless Japanese Blades
  • Anodized Aluminum Horizontal Razor Stand
  • Blade Recycling Bank

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