OneBlade Hot Lather Machine 1

Hot Lather Machine

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Just like our flagship razor, The Genesis - we spared no expense in our tireless pursuit to bring innovation and put a modern-day twist on a classic. Virtually unchanged since WW1, the hot lather machine is a barbershop staple for a reason. Simply put - there’s no simpler way to prepare for a really great shave quite like it.

First, we created a minimalistic design. One that looks good no matter what the environment and doesn’t take up a bunch of needless space on your counter. Next, we added user-friendly, intuitive controls combined with energy-efficient tech just to guarantee the proper mix and amount of warm lather, every single time. Finally, we developed and built an easy to use shaving cream pod - allowing you to quickly swap out your favorite soaps and creams. 

The perfect amount, of the perfect mix, at the perfect temperature - every single time.

Each Hot Lather Machine Includes:
(1) - The OneBlade Hot Lather Machine
(1) - OneBlade Shaving Cream Pod
(1) - OneBlade Hot Lather Machine Cleaning Pod
Power specifications: 12.0V 3.0A, powered by included DC adapter (110-240v input for North American outlets). Not battery-powered.



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