How to Shave with OneBlade

Angle & Pressure

Designed with our differences in mind

No two faces are alike. At OneBlade® we pride ourselves on designing razors that adapt to you, not the other way around. While cartridge razors are a quick scrape-and-go shave and traditional safety razors require you to hold a perfect 30-degree angle, OneBlade® razors are designed to adapt the unique curvature of your face and neck.

Blade angle

ACtive Floating Blade approach

With OneBlade's patented Active Floating Blade Approach System, you won't need to worry about holding a perfect 30-degree angle with your handle.

To get the optimal shaving angle with your OneBlade® razor simply ensure that the upper register (pictured) is the first point of contact with your skin and maintains contact with each stroke.

By maintaining contact with the upper register you are allowing the razor's head to pivot to the harder angles of your face and allowing the floating blade to make micro-adjustments to the blade angle, which ensures a comfortable yet precise shave.


Shaving with pressure

Putting pressure on a traditional single edge razor is a recipe for disaster. At OneBlade® we designed our razors with some unique attributes that not only mitigate the damage added pressure can do, but utilizes pressure to provide a great shave.

While the amount of pressure utilized by each of our models is a little different, adding some mild pressure to the upper register (described above) of your razor will ensure a close and comfortable shave.

It may vary from person to person, but here are some recommendations for the amount of pressure used with each of our razors.


Mild to moderate pressure. The CORE is our mildest and most forgiving razor which means a little more pressure is needed for a perfectly smooth shave.


Minimal to mild pressure. The HYBRID is more aggressive than the CORE but lighter than the GENESIS so a little pressure may be needed for thicker stubble.


Little to no pressure. The GENESIS is our closest shaving razor with the most aggressive blade exposure. You likely won't need to add any pressure to the razor's upper register for a close shave, the weight of the razor should do the work for you.