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US orders over $75 ship free! Every OneBlade purchase is backed by our lifetime warranty, 60-day trial, easy returns, and phenomenal customer support.

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Below you’ll find a list of FAQs about OneBlade. If your question isn’t answered, please contact us, send us an email at, or call us at 1-800-383-1847.

Orders & Shipping

+How do I change or cancel my order?
We do our best to fill and send orders as quickly as possible, which may limit our ability to edit items in your order or prevent a package from shipping. If you need to make changes or cancel your order, please contact us immediately at 1-800-383-1847 or and we’ll do our best to address your concern.
+What is your return policy?

We love the shave products that we’ve made and we think you will too. If, after 5-8 shaves, you find that you're unhappy for any reason, just let us know so that we can help you return your products within 60 days of delivery for a full refund, less return shipping. Note that if you purchase an engraved OneBlade GENESIS razor as part of a special promotion, these are final sale.

It's helpful to remember it does take some time to adjust to a new shave system. Experimenting with the angle and pressure should help you find the right approach to giving you a great shave with our razor.

+Where do you ship from?

All OneBlade orders (both domestic and international) ship from our flagship distribution center in Austin, Texas, USA.

+Where do you ship to?

We’re happy to offer shipping all over the world. Our shipping rates are based on checkout value and destination. If you’re having an issue finding your country code at checkout, please contact us at 1-800-383-1847 or

We are happy to offer International Shipping at this time. International customers should be aware that they will be responsible for any applicable VAT, Duty, or Customs Fees imposed by their country or governments.

+What shipping methods do you offer?

Within the contiguous United States, we offer DHL E-commerce (4-8 business days), USPS Priority (3-5 business days), FedEx 2-Day (2 business days), and Standard Overnight (1 business day) for all orders (PO Box orders will be automatically converted to an expedited trackable USPS service with our fulfillment center).

For Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Territories, we offer USPS Standard (5-7 business days) and USPS Priority (3-5 business days) for all orders.

For international addresses, we offer APC Logistics (2-4 weeks) for all orders.

+How can I get free shipping?

We’re proud to offer free shipping in the United States for all orders over $75 (USPS Priority Shipping, 3-5 business days). For international deliveries, we offer free shipping for all orders over $150 (APC Logistics, 2-4 weeks)

+How soon will my package arrive after I place my order?

We process and ship items (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Standard Time) in the order that we receive them. Please allow 1 business day for processing of orders to be completed. Transit times listed at checkout begin after the shipment has left our warehouse. Orders with expedited shipping upgrades get processed the same day if placed by 2:00 p.m. Central Standard Time (Monday through Friday only).

+Do you offer discounts to military and/or first responder personnel?

Yes, OneBlade proudly offers a sitewide 15% discount to all military and first responder personnel! To activate your discount, please click the link below that corresponds to you and follow the steps provided for fast verification. Once verified, you’ll receive a unique discount code that can then be used at regular checkout.

Activate Military Discount
Activate First Responder Discount

Please note that discount codes cannot be combined and are only eligible for non-subscription orders. If you’re having any issues accessing your military or first responder discount, please send us an email and we’ll be happy to assist.

+Do you offer discounts for corporate/bulk ordering?

Please contact us at with any corporate/bulk order requests and we’ll respond promptly.


+Is shaving with a OneBlade Razor safe?

Yes, in our opinion, shaving with a OneBlade razor (both CORE and GENESIS) is much, much safer than nearly every other razor that utilizes single, straight edge blades. We spent more than a year and $1 million in research and development for OneBlade with the mission of designing a razor that could deliver a shave like the world’s best barbers, but that was also accessible and convenient to a wide audience. 

So our razor design incorporates a Teflon-coated spring and a revolutionary floating head that, like most cartridge razors, pivots for safety and ease of use.

We also incorporated a quick-load blade system built around single-edge blades to make replacing blades a safer, more streamlined process.

Lastly, we’ve partnered with world-class blade maker Feather to utilize the absolute best single-edge razor blades that we were able to find in all of our research. These high-carbon stainless-steel blades are ultra-sharp yet super comfortable. 

+My blade moves inside the razor head — is this normal?

Yes! We truly believe that we’ve created the world’s best-made shaving instrument. That’s why every OneBlade GENESIS razor is individually numbered and is guaranteed for life: you’re happy forever, or we’ll fix it. For our introductory CORE razor model, we offer a 1-year warranty for the razor against manufacturing defects.

If you need to coordinate a return for a replacement or have any questions about our warranty policy, simply contact us at 1-800-383-1847 or and we will respond promptly.

+I have a long beard – can I still shave with a OneBlade razor?

Yes! In fact, we’ve received tons of emails from happy OneBlade customers that were surprised about how well a OneBlade razor was able to shave longer facial hair without any irritation. That said, if you do have a longer beard, we recommend trimming it down a bit first before shaving with a OneBlade razor as it can be difficult to get a truly proper lather with longer hair.

+Can I use a OneBlade razor to shave my head? Arms? Legs?

Yes, we have many customers that use their OneBlade razor to shave areas of their body other than their face and neck. However, it’s important to always maintain the same technique (particularly with angle, pressure, lathering, and short strokes) in order to be successful. And know that it may take a bit more practice with other parts of your body as you adjust to proper hand position with our ideal shave angle.

+Do you offer a warranty on the OneBlade razor?

Yes! We truly believe that we’ve created the world’s best-made shaving instrument. That’s why every OneBlade GENESIS razor is individually numbered and is guaranteed for life: you’re happy forever, or we’ll fix it. For our introductory CORE razor model, we offer a 1-year warranty for the razor against manufacturing defects.

If you need to coordinate a return for a replacement or have any questions about our warranty policy, simply contact us at 1-800-383-1847 or and we will respond promptly.

+Do you offer a warranty on shaving accessories?

Yes! We proudly offer a 1-year warranty on all of our shaving accessories against manufacturing defects.

If you need to coordinate a return for a replacement or have any questions about our warranty policy, simply contact us at 1-800-383-1847 or and we will respond promptly.

+How can I clean my OneBlade razor?

We recommend cleaning the OneBlade razor (CORE and GENESIS) regularly to remove soap/cream residues. We’ve found that soaking either razor model in Simple Green solution works extremely well, although any non-alcohol, non-harsh chemical cleaner will do the trick without you having to worry about surface damage. Always be sure to dilute your cleaner with water according to the recommendation of that particular product. If using Simple Green, we like to dilute 1 ounce of Simple Green to 1 cup water (or use a 1:10 mix ratio) — you can keep the razor submerged in this mixture overnight, then rinse under hard running water.


+Who makes your blades / are your blades proprietary?

Our single edge blades (the FHS-10 model) are manufactured by Feather Safety Razor Co., one of the world’s foremost leaders in blade manufacturing, based in Japan.

+What makes your blades so good?

Based in Japan, Feather has been around for 80 years. They basically do one thing: Make the world’s best blades for shaving and surgical equipment. All of these blades are made with super-high-quality Japanese steel. They have a proprietary finishing process that leaves their blades with a perfect leading edge – the best we found in all of our research. As for the FHS-10 model, these blades specifically are made of high-carbon stainless steel and coated in platinum. They’re also 0.23mm thick, making them nearly twice as thick as the average double edge safety razor blade. What this all translates to is an ultra-sharp yet smooth and comfortable blade.

+How do I insert blades into my OneBlade razor?

The key to both inserting and removing blades from the OneBlade razor is to keep the blade as close to being “square” with the razor head as possible. Holding the dull edge of the blade between your thumb and index finger, you’ll want to slide the sharp edge of the blade into the opening found on the backside of the razor head and push forward. You should hear an audible “click” sound once fully inserted, indicating that the blade is now locked securely in place.

If you’re having any trouble sliding the blade into the razor head, we recommend running the blade under some water (you can also dip the corners of the blade in some shaving cream) and retrying the above steps.

+How do I remove blades from my OneBlade razor?

To initiate the blade removal process, it is critical that you first lift up on the center of the back edge of the blade, which serves to unlatch the blade. Once you have pulled up to unlatch the blade you can then pull straight back. Typically, there is a little bit of space between the blade rails that will allow you to slightly wiggle the blade from side to side as you’re pulling back if needed.

+There is residue on my new, unwrapped Feather FHS-10 razor blades – is this normal?

Yes. Many blade manufacturers, including Feather, commonly apply a tiny amount of adhesive to the dull area of blades when wrapping them to ensure that the blades don’t slide around while in transit (to protect the sharp edges). Please remember that these blades are extremely sharp and that any amount of friction would risk dulling the blade.

We find that this adhesive is generally minimal enough to ignore, but if you find that you’re having any issues with loading/removing blades, or you simply want to remove all of the adhesive prior to shaving, we recommend simply running the blades through some hard running warm water (you can also use a toothbrush with soapy water or some other type of cleaner like rubbing alcohol). Please just make sure to be extra careful when handling as these blades are extremely sharp.

+How can I purchase additional packs of Feather FHS-10 razor blades?

We offer the blades for purchase on our own website for as low as $0.67/ea. You can also purchase blades through Amazon.

Accessories & Shaving Technique

+Do you recommend using shaving creams over gels and/or foams?

Yes — look, we understand that shaving gels and foams can seem very convenient… and often times, they’re very affordable. However, you need to understand that most of these products contain synthetic perfumes, which are a leading cause of skin irritation. They also often contain artificial colors and dyes, preservatives, alcohol, and numbing agents, all of which can make a shave very uncomfortable and leave the skin susceptible to razor burn. If that weren't bad enough, they typically contain unhealthy gases, which are what make them foam in the first place. The foam that comes out of a can may appear like rich lather, but in fact it contains lots of gas and provides very little protection for your skin.

A quality shaving cream, on the other hand, will be alcohol-free and rich in natural ingredients like essential oils (essential oils are concentrated essences of plants, roots, fruits, or flowers, and are 100% natural). These creams tend to provide the richest and most lubricating shaving lathers and will leave your face feeling smooth and moisturized.

+How much shaving cream should I use each time I shave?

A dime- to quarter-size amount is all you need to create rich lathers with most shaving creams.

+Should I use a shaving brush?

Yes. When used correctly, a quality shaving brush will add several benefits to your shaving routine, ensuring a better all-around experience. For starters, a brush will help generate a rich lather by whipping air into your shaving cream or soap. If you let the brush soak in warm-hot water for several minutes prior to using, you can add some heat to your lather, which will help open the pores on your face. And when applying lather with your shaving brush, you’ll simultaneously lift the hair off your face and gently exfoliate your skin. All of this leads to a better, more comfortable shaving experience… along with healthier skin!

+How do I choose a shaving brush?

There are many differences in shaving brushes and, quite honestly, it’s difficult to pinpoint the “very best” because it ultimately comes down to personal preference and budget. But generally speaking (without going into too much detail), badger hair brushes are considered the best and most recommended by industry standards for their long history, natural bristle softness, durability, and water retaining qualities.

Within the badger hair category of brushes, you’ll find different grades of hair. These grades denote quality. Higher-ranked hair grades are typically softer and feel more pleasing on the face. Additionally, while all brushes need to be soaked, the best, higher-grade shaving brushes require a much shorter soaking time, as they are much better at holding on to water and lather.

The most recognized grades of badger hair (from highest to lowest quality) include Silvertip, Super, Best, and finally Pure.

Outside of badger brushes, you’ll find other lines of brushes based on hair type. One category that has been gaining momentum in the shave community as a result of improvements to production is the synthetic hair category. These brushes tend to offer a great bang for the buck with performance and overall ease of maintenance… and if you’re looking for a product that’s vegan / animal-friendly, these are a terrific option.

+How do I use a shaving brush?

Start by soaking the bristles of your shaving brush in warm water for at least 20 seconds (tip: if you’re shaving immediately after a shower, just fill a cup or mug with some warm water beforehand and leave the head of your brush submerged while you shower). Then, shake your brush gently to remove excess water, but note that the brush should still be plenty wet. Next, load the brush with shaving cream by moving only the tips of the brush across the cream in circular motions to generate lather (you can do this in a cup, bowl, your hand, or directly on the area of skin to be shaved). Continue to whisk the cream in circular motions for 20-60 seconds and add a drop or two of water if needed. Then begin to apply the shaving cream to your face with strong circular and back-and-forth motions. If you feel you need more water during shaving, dip the tip of the brush in water and flick it gently to remove excess water, if necessary. Once the brush is on your face, it’s important to use just the right amount of pressure. Too much can cause bristles to flatten on your face, which flattens your facial hair, and too little won’t provide enough friction for a good lather.

+Is the shedding of my shaving brush normal?

It’s perfectly normal for your brush to shed a few hairs during the first few months of use, regardless of brand or the price you paid for it. Keep in mind that most quality brushes are handmade and have knots that consist of thousands of hairs.

If you’re losing 10 or more hairs each time you shave… or if your brush is shedding consistently after 2-3 months of regular use, it’s worth investigating further.

Common causes of shedding due to improper use/care include: frequently exposing the brush to water that’s too hot (you’ll notice curling at the ends of bristles), not properly cleaning the brush / removing excess shave cream after each use (try flicking back the brush hairs while your brush is dry — if you notice flying dust, it’s likely old, dried shave cream), and frequently submerging the entire brush in water rather than simply the bristles.

+Should I use pre-shave and/or aftershave products?

Similar to shaving brushes, these aren’t absolutely necessary, but will significantly improve your shaving experience. Pre-shave helps to soften your face so that the razor can more easily cut through the hairs. A quality aftershave will help soothe, moisturize, and regenerate the skin after shaving (in addition to having antiseptic properties). The key is to use products that are alcohol-free, as alcohol can dry out your skin.


+Is your checkout secure?
Yes. To help ensure that your shopping experience is safe, simple, and secure, our online checkout is PCI compliant and uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology (via Shopify). This encrypts and protects the data you send us over the Internet. 
+Can I view my past orders?
When placing an order, you have the option to check out as a guest or create an account with our online store. If you check out as a guest, no account will be created and you will need to contact us in order to view/edit order details. However, if you do opt to create an account, you can visit and view all previous orders.
+What types of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diner’s Club cards. We also accept PayPal payments with PayPal Express Checkout, along with Amazon Pay and Apple Pay (for mobile payments).
+Do you sell gift cards?
Yes, you can purchase online gift cards for OneBlade here.
+Do you sell or give away my contact information?
Under no circumstances will we ever sell or give away your contact information.


+Where is OneBlade located?
OneBlade Inc. is headquartered in Austin, TX with a satellite office based in Baltimore, MD.
+Are you affiliated in any way with Philips Norelco OneBlade?
No, OneBlade Inc. and the OneBlade Razor are not affiliated in any way with the Philips Norelco OneBlade QP2520 Wet/Dry Trimmer.
+Do you offer an affiliate program for selling OneBlade Razors?
Please contact us at with any questions about affiliate marketing.
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Holiday Shipping & Returns


Unfortunately at this time, we can no longer guarantee shipments to arrive by Christmas, including within the contiguous United States.

Tuesday 12/19 at Midnight PT Free Shipping $75+ or $5 Flat Rate
Wednesday 12/20 at Midnight PT
Free Shipping $199+ or $10 Flat Rate
Thursay 12/21 at Midnight PT
Free Shipping $299+ or $20 Flat Rate


To make purchasing around the holidays more convenient, all eligible products purchased between November 25, 2017 and December 31, 2017 may be returned until January 31, 2018.