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We deployed the painstaking manpower needed to deliver the perfect shaving experience, so that what lands in your hands—and on your face—is simple and superior to anything else you’ve tried.

The pursuit of the perfect shave

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OneBlade Core

Design Matters

They say the best design lies in what you don’t see. From precise pivots and angles, and the perfect proportions of blade positioning, give, and exposure; the ergonomics of your razor come together to create a supremely easy-to-master, ultra-smooth shave you’ll realize you actually enjoy.

OneBlade Core


You may have heard claims about pivoting razors thrown around before, but it took hundreds of tests to determine the ideal balance of pivot point and spring force required for maximum performance. You can pivot all you want, but without the right relationship between the two, you’re not improving anything.

OneBlade Core


When it comes to sharp blades on your face, you don’t want to settle for anything less than the best. We scoured the globe to find the blade that checked all the boxes on a long list of criteria, from material to edge finishing. Once we found the one, Feather FHS-10, the same one used by barbers and surgeons worldwide, we knew we could count on its durability, reliability, and comfort.

In Good Hands

The weight kept us up at night. How is it going to feel? Great on your face, with fewer nicks, bumps, and cuts than you’ve ever had; and solid in your hand. A good chunk of R&D focused on the actual experience, and we knew it’d be a no-go if it was too light to work or too heavy to enjoy.


The Devil's in the details

We obsess over things like reference surfaces (to keep you safe and cut-free), pivot point and spring force (to get the job done), and edge finishing (to get it done right), so that all you have to do is shave and enjoy it. Oh, and with a patent pending on our Active Floating Blade Approach System, you know we’re serious about innovation.

OneBlade Core

What it all means

You want your shave to feel great and risk-free—this is your face we’re talking about, after all. All this engineering adds up to the feeling of a good, old-fashioned barbershop visit, without any sort of professional training to keep your face safe and totally smooth. And while we think you’ll want to savor the experience, such precise design and features like quick-load blades and optimal design will cut your shave down by minutes.

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