For the first six months of product development, we studied blades and the core geometries that define the science of shaving. The designers and engineers on the OneBlade team shaved exclusively at the office, loading 3D printed and machined prototypes with various blades.
Overall, we tested nearly a thousand variations of blade angles, blade gaps, head sizes, blade exposures, pivots, grips, and weight balances, making adjustments down to 1/4000th of an inch… 

It was during this period of prototyping and product testing that we realized the importance of honing in on three core components which influence every razor’s shaving performance:

1.  Angle of the attack of the blade
2.  The exposure of the blade (how much presses against your face)
3.  The blade gap (the chasm between the blade and body of the razor, which is meant to catch your skin to be shaved).

Of these three core shaving components, we found that exposure and gap were particularly important — too much space in either element meant that cutting yourself was inevitable (what wet shavers often call an “aggressive” shave). Too little space, on the other hand, meant that it was nearly impossible to get a truly close shave (too “mild”).

Through a painstaking and iterative prototyping process, we zeroed in on the exact shaving geometry for the ideal razor — a razor that could deliver a shave as close as the more aggressive razors on the market, BUT that also was extremely comfortable and nearly impossible to cut yourself with… 

  Angle:  31.3°
–  Exposure:  0.15mm
–  Gap:  0.65mm

Because we have such exacting specifications, to get the blade angle, exposure, and gap precisely right, every OneBlade© Razor is built with ultra high-grade German stainless steel (PANACEA + 316L).

The manufacturing process includes cutting-edge metal injection molding (“MIM”) technology, which allows for extremely precise designs, while still maintaining the unbelievable strength of forged steel.

These razors are then treated with a military-grade physical vapor deposition (“PVD”) coating, which makes them virtually resistant to corrosion. (That’s why every OneBlade© Razor is guaranteed forever.)

The razor head is attached to the handle with a precisely machined (+/- 0.05mm tolerance) pivoting head. And teflon-coated steel springs allow it to conform to your face. (The teflon coating ensures that you’ll never actually hear this pivoting functionality when engaged.)

This obsession with quality also explains why we individually number every OneBlade® we build. We know we’re not building just another widget. We’re building the finest tool of its kind in the world, a tool that will serve you, your son, and even your grandson faithfully.

To our knowledge, there’s no other razor on Earth manufactured this way, with this process, and with such care and precision.

You’ll see and feel the difference the moment you pick up a OneBlade© Razor. It will never rust or see a drop-off in efficiency. We guarantee it… for life.


We traveled all around the globe: The U.S…. Germany… China… Japan…in search of the absolute world’s best single edge shaving blade to pair with our intended razor design.

Throwing all of our previous notions about shaving out the window, we met with manufacturers of meat processing blades, medical scalpels, food processing blades, and more. We investigated and tested blades of various materials… from steel (stainless and high carbon alloys), to ceramic, tungsten carbide, and amorphous metals. We tested various forms of blade coatings, from Teflon, Ceramic, and Boron carbides.

KEY DISCOVERY: What we quickly learned is that sharpness alone is really not the key to a world-class shave. Of course, the edge needs to be sharp… But more importantly, a blade needs to be flawless. The leading edge has to be so smooth that you can only see it with a microscope. And when observing the blade under a microscope, you shouldn’t notice any striations or imperfections.

Below are actual images of the leading edges from two of the blades that we explored in our research and development program…

You’ll notice that one of these blades has an edge with a perfectly uniform appearance… while the other has hundreds of “striations,” or minor imperfections. These tiny imperfections are what cause a blade to “burn” against the skin, leading to irritation or simply a more aggressive shave experience.

We quickly realized that we didn’t need to search any further or even attempt to build our own blades, because one company already makes a perfect leading single edge razor blade — Feather. (The Feather FHS-10 single edge razor blade is shown in the above right photo.)

(30-packs of Feather FHS-10 Razor Blades can be purchased from OneBlade for $19.99 / $0.67 per blade. )

Based in Japan, Feather has been around for 80 years. They basically do one thing: Make the world’s best blades for shaving and surgical equipment. These razors are made with super-high-quality Japanese steel. They have a proprietary finishing process that leaves their blades with a perfect leading edge — the best we found in all of our research.

And best of all, Feather makes a single-edge blade just like the one we wanted for our new razor — the FHS-10 model. Made of high-carbon stainless steel and coated in platinum, these Japanese Feather blades are scary sharp yet super comfortable. And after pairing these world-class blades with our innovative new razor design, built to our exacting specifications with our quick load blade system… we’re happy to say that we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.


We truly believe that we’ve created the world’s best-made shaving instrument, and we are committed to your complete satisfaction.

OneBlade Lifetime Warranty

Therefore, each OneBlade© Razor is individually numbered and guaranteed for life. If the razor ever fails to perform as designed, simply call or email us and we will replace it promptly.

Best Shaves,

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Tod Barrett
CEO, OneBlade Inc.