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The Genesis Razor

The Finest Razor Ever Made. The founders and staff of OneBlade are fanatical about shaving. We’ve spent millions of dollars in the last five years perfecting the technology and the materials of shaving. This is not only our finest razor, it’s the finest razor that’s ever been built. Priced from $295 after two week free tryout.

The Hybrid Razor

Steel Where It Counts Most. OneBlade’s Hybrid Razor puts the world’s highest quality 316L steel into the shaving head, where it matters most. The exact same shaving performance as our award-winning, highest quality razor, the Genesis, but at less than half the price. Priced from $95 after two week free tryout.

The Core Razor

Breakthrough Shaving Tech. The Core razor is the first Tritan® Polymer razor, and the first to ever be embedded with OneBlade’s patented and award winning floating blade architecture that guarantees a perfect shave at 31.4°. Priced from $25 after two week free tryout.

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Our technology, tooling, manufacturing, and using the world’s highest quality steel means that you’ll never have to buy another razor for the rest of your life. We back it up with a forever warranty, too.


We searched far and wide to find you the world's best razor blades. We even studied them under an electron microscope to find the sharpest one with the fewest striations, to give you the smoothest shave of your life.

Thousands of Prototypes. One Perfect Angle.

Unless your razor has a 31.4° angle of attack, you will have shaving irritation for the rest of your life. We rigorously tested every geometric variable down to the micron to ensure that OneBlade always hits your skin at the perfect angle and will not cut you.

The Relentless Pursuit of The Perfect Shave

12,480 man hours. 1,010 prototypes. 2 years of research & development. Over $1,000,000. Zero Compromises. Zero Assumptions. That's what it takes to create the perfect shave. And that's what we went through to bring it to men like you; the men who never settle for less than the best.


They say the best design lies in what you don’t see. From precise pivots and angles, and the perfect proportions of blade positioning, give, and exposure; the ergonomics of your razor come together to create a supremely easy-to-master, ultra-smooth shave you’ll realize you actually enjoy.

A Jaw-Dropping Work of Art

It's about time you upgraded to a razor that echoes your potential. Your new OneBlade razor is a modern, minimalist masterpiece, thoughtfully designed to make a statement on your bathroom counter.


- Renowned Shaving Expert Brian Mulreany, Executive Shaving CEO

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What makes each razor unique

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OneBlade Genesis razor
Genesis Razor

A handcrafted stainless steel masterpiece for the man who has it all.

Hybrid Razor

The head of the Genesis. The handle of the Core.

OneBlade Core razor
Core Razor

The perfect introduction to shaving with OneBlade.

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Military-grade german stainless steel handle & head with ultraviolet anti-fingerprinting

Tritan polymer handle, military-grade german stainless steel head

Ultra-durable Tritan polymer handle & head with ergonomic construction


Signature hollow airspace steel handle for added grip and beauty

Tritan® handle with stainless steel rod insert for optimal weight and balance

Tritan® handle with stainless steel rod insert for optimal weight and balance


Pivoting head with teflon-coated spring & rinse-friendly open framework

Pivoting head with teflon-coated spring & rinse-friendly open framework

Pivoting head design with rinse-friendly open framework


Handcrafted one at a time in a 50-step process by our artisan metalsmiths

Mass-produced handle of the Core, handcrafted head of the Genesis

Mass-produced in our state of the art razor factory


Heirloom-worthy with custom engraving & precious metal finishes available

Precisely engineered to a 0.05mm tolerance (one twentieth of a millimeter)

The same quick-load blade system as the Hybrid & Genesis razors


Advanced blade exposure for the closest shave possible

Intermediate blade exposure for a closer shave

Forgiving exposure for a safe, introductory shave

Hair Type

Medium to heavy density and coarseness

Medium density and coarseness

Light to medium density

Shave Frequency

Every other day to every 3-5 days

Every day to every 2-3 days

Every day or every other day

Skin Concern

Normal to Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin


Shave Closeness




Save the planet one blade at a time

2 Billion razors and their blade cartridges end up in landfills every year in the U.S. alone. Our Platinum-Coated Japanese Steel Blades are 100% recyclable and cut through hair like a knife through butter, without damaging your skin.

As Seen In

We were sick of cheaply made, poorly performing disposable razors, so we built OneBlade. 1000 prototypes later, we've invented the world's best razor.

No unnecessary blades. No wasteful, expensive cartridges. Engineered to last a lifetime, guaranteed to eliminate nicks, bumps, and irritation from shaving.