Prep Your Whiskers

Soak with hot water.

Hot water opens the pores and makes your whiskers more supple. You can give your face a soak or apply a hot, moist towel for a minute or two. Be sure to use water that is warm to hot, but not scalding.

Prep Your Skin

Apply pre-shave.

What you put on your face before, during, and after a shave is critical. Castle Forbes formulations are unique in that they contain high concentrations of the finest essential oils available. Our pre-shave softens your beard and protects your skin from irritation.


Apply shaving cream with your brush.

Create rich lather and lift your hairs. With Germany’s Heinrich L. Thäter GmbH, we developed a luxurious Silvertip badger hair knot brush and matched it up with our innovative olive wood handle that never needs waterproofing.


Shave with the grain to clear your face. Reapply shaving cream, now shave across the grain.

A dab of Castle Forbes shaving cream on your brush whips into a cushion of lather for a barber-close shave while protecting from razor burn and lifting your hairs. Gently drag your OneBlade razor with the grain of your hairs. Re-lather and then shave across the grain.


Apply after shave balm.

Protect and soothe your skin while closing your pores. We like the healing properties of pure essential oils. Fight skin irritation and razor burn with Castle Forbes after shave balm. No alcohol means it moisturizes without drying your skin.