HYBRID Black Tie Shave Kit

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Precision meets affordability with the HYBRID. Featuring a military-grade stainless steel head with a Tritan and stainless steel handle specifically designed for durability, ergonomic comfort, and control. OneBlade is the ultimate shaving experience, guaranteed for life. Proven to eliminate bumps, nicks, razor burn, and irritation for every face and skin type. It’s the most intuitive single edge razor on the planet.

Get the OneBlade HYBRID razor in this exclusive Black Tie Shave Kit, including a premium custom designed tuxedo synthetic shaving brush, along with a 2-month supply of blades (30 blades), shaving cream (150ml), and our luxurious after shave balm (90ml). Each one handpicked with you in mind to provide the absolute best in skincare and shaving accessories for your daily routine. 



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