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Dom here, Customer Experience Manager at OneBlade. Our survey results are in and today I'll be addressing an important area of shaving technique with the OneBlade razor: shaving under the nose. We received some really great customer feedback in our survey, so we’ll be sharing some techniques and tips over the next few months to ensure you’re able to achieve your best shave, every time. In the feedback, we heard that some users have trouble shaving under the nose, so we’ll start there.

We understand shaving under the nose can be tricky and even intimidating with a blade as sharp as the Feather, but we want to give you our best tips to help in this area.

First, I want to start out with a visualization just to get our orientation right. I know everyone’s face is different but let’s just start by imagining that everyone’s upper lip is straight. Now, for shaving toward the middle of your nose, take the razor head and turn it to about a 45-degree angle (relative to that straight line). If shaving the right-side, the handle should be pointing to your left eye using one end of the blade. Then, to shave toward the ear just do the opposite with that 45-degree angle. Now switch to the other nostril following these tips (but flipped obviously).

Don’t be afraid to get the edge of the razor head slightly inside your nostril – that is where the guards on the front of the razor come into play and protect you from getting cut. It might be useful to test this out without a blade in the head.

Another tip to banish those pesky mustache hairs back from where they came will be a more horizontal head approach. We find that working at using your facial muscles to attempt to flatten out your medial cleft, the center area in the middle of the mustache area. It helps to stretch out your upper or make a face like you just witnessed an incredible magic trick. For some it helps to lift your nose with your free hand. A vertical stroke with the head horizontal here with one side of the blade or the other here going against the grain is very effective. A practiced and focused effort here will really pay off as you become more skilled with the razor this will become more routine and ultimately, easy to do. Shaving in this area requires a more manual approach to adjust the blade angle as opposed to relying on the self-registering feature of the OneBlade Razor. 

Have a tip that’s works for you? Please feel free to share by emailing We hope this helps, but if not we’re happy to discuss this with you further. For now, let the whisker banishment commence. 


Best Shaves,

Dominic Morrone | OB-02019

Customer Experience Manager

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6 Responses


August 06, 2018

Thanks. I am still working in shaving under the nose. The photo is helpful. Thanks.


July 10, 2019

Do not forget to experiment with different lathers. The core tends to like slightly thinner lather as the Genesis. And if you want that last stroke of the core Be realy close (or a second day Blade) using some Shaving oil might do the Tric (i use Floid, but only before the last pass).

Cale Judd
Cale Judd

July 10, 2019

I have particular difficulty shaving under my nose because my mustache hairs grow right to the edge of my lip and all the way up into the entrance of my nostrils, as well as onto either side of the columella — the fleshy part of the nose separating the nostrils. For me, the best approach is to pre-shave this area with my electric shaver and then lightly shave the entrance to my nostrils with a multi-blade cartridge razor. Then, after pre-oiling the area in question and lathering my face, I shave my upper lip area in a generally downward direction, beginning just above and to the outside of my nostrils and angling slightly toward the midline of my face. My next pass is made horizontally from each side of my face toward the midline. My final pass is made horizontally, beginning just to one side of the midline, crossing the midline and continuing toward the other side of my face, and repeating this final tack in the opposite direction. After rinsing my face, I still generally have a little cleanup to do in this area, shaving against the grain of my whiskers where needed. I always pre-oil and very generously lather (repeatedly) this part of my face to avoid irritation that repeated passes of the blade can cause.


August 06, 2018

Great comments and recommendations. Another problem area for me is the corners of the mouth. Can you help?

Sami Yasharpour
Sami Yasharpour

August 06, 2018

The One Blade Core Shaver is a very good product. It has a heave stainless core. It really exceeded my expectations. The blades may need improvement. This kind of fancy shaver deserve fancier and sharper blades that last longer. But I give One Blade over all experience A++++. Good job done.


August 06, 2018

Really appreciated the tip/technique email. As a first gen OneBlade user who has recently shaved his beard and gotten back into the wet shaving routine, I remember well the nuances of learning how to use the OneBlade. You tips are spot on.

I would only add one additional item for my own experience and that would be the area around the lower lip. I would find that I would miss a little bit around the lower lip, probably because of the sharpness of the feather blade.

I learned to use your recommended technique for the upper lip, and to remember to spend time on the lower lip too, just to make sure I got it all smooth.

Thanks for the tip, you hooked me in with the title, good job, keep them coming!

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