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When we began development on the OneBlade © Razor, we dove into the project with no predetermined specifications regarding razor type, materials, or cost — we simply gave our design and engineering team one parameter to work from: to build the best razor on Earth, one that could perform like a high-quality straight razor, but be intuitive to use with a minimal learning curve. Our goal was to offer an innovative razor that wet-shaving enthusiasts and cartridge-razor users alike could truly enjoy using... a razor that would ultimately become their ‘go-to’ shaving tool.

With our first razor model, we opted to match the sophistication of our design with the best materials and manufacturing processes available — ultra-high-grade solid stainless steel… metal injection molding technology… physical vapor deposition coating… hand-assembly… hand-polishing… individual serial numbering… and more. The result was our award-winning  ONEBLADE © GENESIS model (our original OneBlade © Razor model 1.0 and 2.0 has been renamed  ONEBLADE © GENESIS). But given the cost of the high-grade materials that we were using, in addition to the sophisticated manufacturing process required, that meant that we simply couldn’t retail the razor at a price that was widely accessible.  

So, beginning in late 2016, we went back to our design and engineering team to explore the possibility of building an entirely new razor model… one that maintained the core attributes of our original patent-pending design — meaning that there would be absolutely no compromise in overall shaving performance — but incorporated materials and a manufacturing process that would ultimately allow us to offer the razor at a much more accessible price. We are pleased to announce that we were successful in this endeavor with the release of our new  ONEBLADE © CORE razor.

OneBlade CORE

Like  GENESISONEBLADE © CORE maintains our signature, patent-pending design profile — our optimal head design, optimal pivot, quick-load blade system, weighted handle, and compatibility with the Feather FHS-10 single edge blades. But we’ve moved from the use of high-grade solid stainless steel for the primary razor parts to Tritan TM, an ultra-durable and BPA-free engineering-grade polymer (plastic). Along with this key material change, we’ve made some changes with our manufacturing process compared to  GENESIS — in place of metal injection molding, we’re using plastic injection molding. And this model won't be hand-assembled, hand-polished, or have individual serial numbers. And while  ONEBLADE © CORE does come equipped with a razor display stand, this is built using 1.5mm thick anodized aluminum… versus the 316L solid stainless steel used for our  GENESIS display stand.

In short, we went from the advanced 50-step manufacturing process required to produce our luxury GENESIS razor, to a simple five-step process to build the ONEBLADE © CORE .

With the launch of CORE, we know our customers will have questions about which razor is right for them. One question we expect to hear is, “Should I trade in my GENESIS for a CORE?” While CORE will be our newest razor, it isn’t “Version 3.0” or the next generation OneBlade © Razor. Our higher priced premium model still includes the most advanced technology and the best all-around shaving experience we have to offer. It’s also built to last multiple lifetimes as a truly heirloom-worthy, luxury tool. For these reasons, GENESIS will continue to be our flagship razor moving forward as it’s a leader in its class in every possible category. But CORE will now offer customers the ability to experience the fundamental OneBlade © shave at a price that’s markedly more accessible.

At the foundation of OneBlade © is a commitment to restore all the best attributes and experiences of traditional shaving, using innovative design and modern engineering. Shaving is a job. It should be done well… And it should be accomplished and enjoyed while using the very best equipment.

Now, regardless of your budget, we have the right tool for you.

Sincerely & Best Shaves,

Tod Barrett
CEO, OneBlade Inc.

To be among the first to receive a OneBlade © CORE, take advantage of early access pre-ordering, detailed below. Please note that we’ve produced a limited quantity of these CORE razors and expect to sell out very quickly. Please also note that all OneBlade © CORE orders will ship out on June 9 th (meaning for U.S. residents, we guarantee delivery before Father’s Day).

Get the OneBlade CORE, $49.95 — Shop Now

Get the OneBlade CORE Starter Kit, $89.95 — Shop Now

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4 Responses

Dennis Harless
Dennis Harless

July 10, 2019

Wow !! Love to read this article :)

John Peter Alexis
John Peter Alexis

July 27, 2017

I just received your core razor. I was very excited to use it. I have been rotating between an old Shick Injector and a Parker Varaible. The Parker would give me a BBS shave. Too my suprise I received an excelent shave with the Core. My face felt almost buttery, with no sting after applying after shave lotion. The core is very smooth. You don’t think it is cutting any hair. It does such a great job.

John Haley
John Haley

June 10, 2017

I discovered the OneBlade just after purchasing the Feather DE and decided that I couldn’t make the immediate plunge for the OneBlade. The Core has given me the opportunity to try the technology and decide whether to go the one more step.

Jack Bayes
Jack Bayes

May 31, 2017

Oh but yes! I got the email from Sharpologist today and was jumping for joy to find out you guys are making something that I can afford. I’ve told people that if I hit the powerball I was going to get a OneBlade (they looked at me like I was pure out NUTS). You’re using Feather blades, and that’s what I use. The SHARPEST blades on the planet. But, they WORK! And when I read about all that you did to make this razor oh how I’ve wanted one. I’m just hoping this will come close to what you’ve stated it can. I’m still unemployed, but I’m not going to pass this up as I’m wanting even a better shave.

Thanks again for doing this as it’s very appreciated!

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