Day after day running a razor over your skin can take its toll if you don’t take the right steps for success. Here are 3 easy steps to incorporate into your shave routine to protect your skin and give you a close shave.

1) Map the grain and cleanse your face.

Before the razor touches your skin, take a moment to learn how your facial hair grows. This is called mapping the grain (click on the link to read more about why it matters, and how to do it). In short, take a few minutes to run your fingers along your face to determine your hair growth patterns, and understand which direction to shave to get your closest shave.

Next, wash your face with warm water and facial cleanser. This helps soften the skin and facial hairs, and keeps your pores clean from impurities.

2) Lather up.

A good lather is key to a great shave. Think of it as an additional protective layer that helps minimize nicks, cuts, and skin irritation. Finding a shave cream that works for you can be time consuming. We recommend trying our OneBlade Black Tie Shaving Cream.

Our product development team spent months testing various combination of natural ingredients and shaving cream styles until we perfected a superior shaving cream formula. It lather’s with ease, with or without a brush, and is ultra-skin friendly with ingredients to help nourish and moisturize the skin.

Remember to re-lather after each pass.

3) Use an alcohol-free aftershave.

The main purpose of an aftershave is to sooth and cleanse your skin. Shaving exfoliates your skin, removing dead skin cells, and exposing a fresh layer of skin.

When picking an aftershave carefully consider the ingredients. Many aftershaves contain alcohol and other harsh, synthetic ingredients. These ingredients dry out your skin, cause skin irritation, and (sometimes) produce a burning sensation.

When we were developing our OneBlade Black Tie After Shave Balm we developed an alcohol-free product with natural ingredients that leaves skin soothed and moisturized. We included natural ingredients like: 

  • Aloe Vera: helps replenish moisture
  • Witch Hazel: tightens pores and reduces inflammation
  • Lavender: helps reduce redness and irritation

The small, daily steps you take when shaving add up in the end. Start putting your best face forward with OneBlade.