Man shaving in the mirror

Sure, when you shaved with your old razor you might have just tossed some water on your cheeks and gone to town on your face for an okay shave in 15 seconds flat.

But you’re a grown up now.

You shave with OneBlade.

Boys use their hands.

Men use a shave brush!

See, the thing is, your hands are too big to make each strand of hair stand on its end like it’s supposed to so that it’s primed and ready to be smoothly cut away by the edge of your blade.

The bristles of a shave brush, on the other hand, individually whisk each facial hair into the proper position for that perfect, effortless stroke that gets right down to the surface of your skin.

Your shaving cream holds the hair in that optimal position until your blade comes to free it from its misery of living a short, sad life as part of your 5 o’clock shadow.

So if you’ve been using your hands this whole time, do yourself a favor and get a shave brush.

We don’t even care if it’s ours.

Just please stop using your hands.

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