A Design Story

Every product has a design story. After more than a year of design and invention we reached a level of performance, quality and beauty unmatched in the world of shaving.

Mark Prommel, Design Director at the innovative and award winning product design and invention firm Pensa, shares insights into the design process that ultimately resulted in three design awards!

Design Awards

The Suspension System

The head geometry and the suspension system hidden inside a OneBlade razor are the key to getting the perfect blade angle on the skin -- every single shave. Pensa Studio partner Mark Prommel, who was the design lead on the OneBlade Razor project, takes us on a deep dive of these two features of the OneBlade razor.

The Active Floating Blade System

The Active Floating Blade System (AFBS) in a OneBlade razor provides users with an extra level of forgiveness in their shave. This slight rattling or vibration of the blade is by design. The creators of the razor might have stumbled upon this notion by accident, but today all OneBlade razors are crafted to an extremely narrow tolerance that specifically allows the slightest possible movement of the blade inside the razor head.

The Open Framework

The open framework design in the head of OneBlade razors allows for optimal amount of contact between reference surface and the skin during a shave. It also provides the perfect amount of rinsability and prevents clogging during shaving.

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